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Duplex room, living room with sofa bed, well equipped kitchen and bathroom. Return to the top of this page. Look closely at the side mold seam where it touches the heel of the bottle. We do not live in this house. The necklace with its period paper clip chain is marked sterling on the clasp.

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As it is very close to Oudburg, Patershol and St Jacobs, late 20s no dating experience you will find dozens of restaurants and bars just around the corner. The chain is marked and an undecipherable hallmark. The last Owens machine in the U. This four-pronged tool was sized to closely fit the diameter of the base and lower sides of the bottle with different sized sabots apparently necessary for different diameter bottles. There is a shared sea view roof terrace.

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The heel seam can also be non-existent on bottles from molds with the previously noted flat, non-cupped mold base plate or no base plate at all i. Dip molded bottles will have a distinct discontinuity in the glass appearance right at the break between the the body and shoulder. The back has an undecipherable maker's mark and the stem is marked sterling. This pendant would look wonderful on a black ribbon or cord. There are food shops, small restaurants, bakeries, cafes, supermarkets and a post office very close to the apartment.

There are huge numbers of bubbles and impurities in the glass. The pattern and the engraved initials are the same on both sides. There is television, a desk and free Wifi. The necklace is European in origin and is marked most likely French on the clasp.

In addition, a very large majority of turn-mold bottles have no embossing on the base although it is occasionally observed. The locket has both metal inserts. Nice view from kitchen onto garden and park. Since we arrived there was a good ten years, we have completely rehabilitated, isolated, online dating not transformed the house.

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Condition is very good for this wonderful period piece. Cosy Studio next to the water. In general, It is a perfect place flat where you can enjoy your vacation and have easy access to anywhere that Istanbul reveals herself.

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  1. The brooch could stand a good cleaning.
  2. The bathroom area is equipped with sink, bath and a separate toilet.
  3. This would make a great centerpiece for a heart necklace.
  4. The tip of the enamel on several of the petals has slight wear which is more noticeable in the photo than it is with the eye.

They were advertised in the catalogs of U. Click on the following links to see images of an H. The beautiful lady is holding a poppy and each end of the brooch is accented with clover. This is a non smokers accommodation!

If there is one constant in the identification and dating of historic bottle it is that there are many exceptions to the general facts noted on this website. This type of information produces a very narrow and reliable date for when this bottle was produced and is what provides support for the dating observations like those found in the box below. For additional information, click Dating Page to go to the pertinent section of that describes the differences between these bottles. Private Turkish bath, sauna and fitness centre is in door. The swivel will need to be replaced.

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The suspender clips have a light gold wash. Many other bottle bases have what are referred to as makers marks. It is extra safe and very clean.


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The bracelet has several small areas of wear on the outer rim and a few on the inside rim. The inside could stand a good cleaning and I will leave that decision to the new owner. It's very easy to reach and finding the apartment is effortless. In the very heart of the Anciens Quais area.

The locket is in good working order and the condition is very good. The chain appears to have a light gold wash. The dolphin was a very popular motif in both Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelry. The gold wash has wear on the back side of the necklace. The brooch could stand a good cleaning, I leave that decision to the new owner.

The back is marked sterling. Look at any modern glass bottle and you can almost always see a slightly off center circle on the base. The apartment is stylish and all of the furniture and appliances are new. This elevated portion would greatly assist in the easy centering of the mold halves when they were shut around the parison, much like the post of the post-bottom mold. There are several areas of very light wear on the front and back.

Period catch in good working order. There is light surface wear and a very tiny chip in the enamel at the tip that is visible only with a loupe. Condition is very good with very minor surface wear.

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The demi-parure comes in what looks to be the original box. Eric, This is an great question. You enjoy the privateness of your own forest house and garden, but you are welcome to sit wherever you want in the communal garden. Empirical observations indicate that this was the dominant mold type for mouth-blown bottles from the late s to the domination of bottle making by automatic bottle machines by the late s. There is another couch where you can rest after a long walk and before getting ready for the evening.

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The locket has one metal rim and is in good working order. Alle faciliteiten zijn aanwezig. The studio consist of a sofabed, a fully equipped kitchenette and bathroom with shower and toilet.

The interior of wood and stone creates a romantic and authentic atmosphere. White wooden floors, lots of light, stunning view on the cathedral, fully equipped kitchen with coffee, tea etc. The streets in the area are full of historic wooden mansions, churches, and synagogues dating from the Byzantine andOttoman eras.

Welcome to Minyon ─░stanbul Apartment. There is a very small area of wear to the enamel near the center of the leaf. The locket is marked sterling, fine and Unger Brothers. If it has a registration diamond mark on the base, you can date it quite accurately.

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Suction scars are usually not perfectly centered, particularly on square and oval bottles, and will frequently slop over onto the heel and lower sides of non-round bottles. The locket has one of the glass and metal inserts. The location is amazing, very central and close to a supermarket, many restaurants, bars, Taksim Square and a metro station and tram station.

  • Condition is very good for this very hard to find period locket.
  • The brooch is marked sterling and and is European in origin German or French.
  • It is most likely English made - though found commonly in the U.
  • Buckles are in excellent condition.
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