72 hour rule dating, three day rule should i have answered his text

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But I wouldn't worry about this one message. Applies to any food in the house. This has the potential to distort your frame of mind.

If you usually let things marinate, do that. He might have called had you answered him. The three day rule was invented by Jezus, because he waited three days to resurrect. Some people don't like to appear too eager and prefer to take time to compose a thoughtful message that digs deeper in to someone's psyche. If someone appeals to them, they may spend even more time planning out their response.

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Someone wandering away after just one interaction for whatever reason is unfortunately normal, online and in real life. Men Need Positive Feedback Too Another point about this situation is sometimes men look for positive feedback from the woman. So a should I have waited longer? If you like the person, shaw satellite hookup ask them out. At the end of the date he suggested doing it again sometime.

Your email address will not be published. Don't care, don't notice, and don't use any special rules for my own behavior. She'll reply sometime later if she wants to, and she already responded to you once so clearly she's not completely uninterested.

It might not be too late though. The first two responses came in so fast I thought I was being stalked. Just tell her something cool happened, chat briefly, then say you've gotta go and will talk later. This is the kind of dater I am when I'm on OkCupid. If someone writes to me and is interesting, free dating I usually take about a day to respond.

Then on your next call in the next few days, invite her along somewhere if you want. But I let freaking voicemail greetings marinate in the same way, so. There's no way to know what she's thinking. As a result, lots of men, good guys who would make great mates, if ur reading this have been beat up and feel dejected.

Personally, I just respond to e-mails as I have time, which is generally anywhere from a few hours to days later, and I assume the woman in question is doing the same. The three day rule is supposed to work on everyone. You don't have special rules for other social interactions, right?

In the end, do what you're comfortable doing. Treat it like you would any other type of communication. Honestly, if I knew the same was going through a potential date's mind while communicating with me, I would be extremely disappointed, because it strikes me as very disingenuous. Some people like to reply to things right away, as soon as they see them.

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The three day rule still exists for many men. So, someone awesome responded and I sent a message back later the same day. You have no way of knowing, so try not to stress about this at all.

  1. Writing back within the hour is not gross.
  2. Look, you don't want to send off a bad email because you wrote it quickly and sent it without thinking.
  3. Thank goodness I followed this advice and ended up with my husband whose timing was slower than mine.
  4. What's wrong with being excited about communicating with someone and responding quickly?
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Three Day Rule Should I Have Answered His Text

Then tell him you had fun and mention something you are doing. They are not the type to overthink and ponder perfect messages. Assuming you have a well-balanced life, I would say sending a response when you have the time is the best approach, just like you would with anyone else.

On the other hand, for the first few weeks I dated my husband he only called me once a week and we only saw each other once a week. Obviously, there are types in between these two ends of the spectrum. Hey man, have you called Clarisse? Also, I've had women on okcupid reply back to me months after my last message.

  • You're thinking way too much about this.
  • It helps to keep sending out messages to other people.
  • The truth is, it is far better to call sooner but to make shorter calls.
  • After a first or second date, they might wait three days before calling you.
  • He reached out to you, so the ball is still in your court.

Give Men a Chance You may be used to men calling you the next day which feels great versus following the traditional three day rule. Some people log into dating website once a week or less. Want more insightful dating advice like this? This is the exact reason I recommend dating more than one man a at time.

You happened to be by the computer, so you responded promptly. It doesn't mean I'm not interested. If you had waited longer and she hadn't responded by now, you'd be asking us if you waited too long.

But, by not answering, what were you hoping to convey? Don't you have some websites bookmarked that you check so often it's reflexive? He did make a second date at the end of the first, but waited days to call. But to me, waiting three days to start a conversation with a casual text is completely acceptable.

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The three day period gives you time to calm down and think so you are not just reacting from having a button pushed. But really, I just respond when I get a chance. They become the perfect FakeSelf, because it's what everyone seems to think they're supposed to do. Yes, it could also be because she thinks you're desperate, but maybe The One will be charmed with your instant attention.

At any given moment when I'm online, I'm likely to head to nytimes. How is calling a girl desperate? It's a tricky situation and I don't know all the correct answers. If the other person responds well to it, great!

Three Day Rule Should I Have Answered His Text

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If you feel like responding, respond. You chose not to respond to his casual text which was your choice of course. Also, what Lyn Never said. As to the original question, seriously dating there's no right or wrong answer here.

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Also about getting to the point and asking me out rather than stringing it along for a million rounds. Do not start a potential relationship with game-playing unless you want a relationship based on game-playing. Please tell me what you think and if I should have responded.

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